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Astronomisches Konzert

Astronomisches Konzert

For us it is quite a difference whether we support a project with a charity concert, to start a congress with an impulse or if we are playing in a small club or an observatory.

For 2,800 euros we will perform and bring any of our modules in Germany on the stage. Including all costs such as travel, hotel, food and tools, equipment and helping hands. See also our Technical Rider.

However, the more you take on the organization, equipment, stage prepartion and clean up, as well as other tasts etc., the lower the amount. The absolute minimum is 200 Euros per artist. And depending on the event this is also negotiable.

Interested? Initial contact with +49-7473-6094997 (answering machine) or e-mail:

We’re looking forward to get in contact with you …

Nikolai & Irena

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