The Astronomical concert is an audio-visual live performance with stunning, hand picked and heart moving, but few astronomical images.

It is an experiment. And it is an attempt of a symbiosis of our passions …

If prose and scientific background space and time allow for contemplative enjoying acoustic music and aesthetic images of the universe, then it might succeed also, the incredible vastness of the universe in a different way to „understand“. Following the concert, there is the possibility to address the outstanding issues.

With improvisations and pieces of Irena Master and Nikolai von Krusenstiern.

Irena Master carries own and other texts keeping with the theme before, sometimes with, sometimes without piano accompaniment.

Nikolai von Krusenstiern, astrophysicist & staff at the European Space Operations Center in Darmstadt (ESOC), the few, selected beautiful images lead briefly, seasoned with dose Astrophysics and plays guitar and piano.

At present there are the following programs called modules:

Module 1 „Sun, Moon & Stars“
A guided trip from Earth to distant galaxies
Blog entries to
Module 2 „black holes“
„Easy“ to understand the emergence of black holes
Module 3: „Rosetta & Philae“
The incredible journey to the comet Tschuri
Further modules in preparation …, articles and announcements in the press.

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