Astro-Physical talks, without music

For the general public.

All three modules:

  • Module 1 “Sun, Moon & Star
    A guided trip from Earth to distant galaxies
  • Module 2 “Black Holes
    The emergence of black holes, “easy” to understand
  • Module 3: “Rosetta & Philae
    The incredible journey to the comet Tschuri

as well as:

  • The Life and Death of Stars
    Star Evolution
  • FTL: Faster than Light Travel
    with Chris White (ESOC)
    “Is FTL travel like in the movies possible?”
  • The European space operation centre in Darmstadt (ESOC)
    Control, operation and anomalies of current research satellites
    Background, Experiences and Anecdotes


  • many others …, on request

For Scientist, Professionals and/or Enthusiast:

  • All of the above, tailored for professionals in the field
  • Passivation and Graveyard Orbit for HERSCHEL and PLANCK
    How to fight against hundreds of engineers and a brilliant reconfiguration modules (RM)
  • PUS: Packet Level CRC Error on HERSCHEL and its root cause
    A puzzle to solve with memory scrubbers, instrument data, low level bus logic and ASIC logs
  • On Board Software Maintenance (OBSM)
    A simplified approach for Operations (Applied to INTEGRAL)
  • Old Dog, New Tricks
    (Some) Autonomy Functions for XMM-Newton
    The 24/7 mission now can survive Ground station outages during Eclipse
  • Fuel Estimation on Mars Express
    A new and simple approach
  • Since Time Matters
    Why GPS, TAI and Unix time are needed for SENTINEL-2 Operations
  • A Vision for ESA
    Core Competence and Main Drivers
  • ESA Astronomy Missions
    Operational Status update (XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, GAIA | HERSCHEL, PLANK | LISA Pathfinder, EUCLID)
  • How to Operate a Spacecraft
    Flight Dynamics, Orbits, Safe Operations

and many others …, on request.

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