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Technical Rider


  • Audio channels:
  1. Own acoustic guitar # 1 on DI box, little, simple Hall
  2. Own acoustic guitar # 2 via direct box, little, simple Hall
  3. Microphone, voice, little, simple Hall
  4. Monitor box
  • Stage:
  1. Two Guitar Stands
  2. Bar stool
  3. Dia Slide Table
  4. Little light for notes and chaaging guitar strings
  • Projection:
  1. VGA or HDMI connection
  2. large white canvas, min. 3m x 4m
  3. fitting, light-intensive projectors


  • Audio:
  1. Stereo electric piano, 2 x DI box or
  2. Piano / wing Microphonierung
  3. Microphone, Speech and vocals, little, simple Hall
  4. Monitor box
  • Stage:
  1. Small light for Keyboard / Piano
  2. Piano or Keyboard
    • Keyboard Stand
    • Keyboard Stool


  • Mixer
  • CD input
  • Hall
  • Stereo PA with subwoofer, transparent, natural sound, low noise
  • Monitor 2 channels

Helping hands

For Assembly & Disasembly
Technical Contact and / or Mixer


Before and after
On stage: Mineral water


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